House Cleaning Services: 10 Best Professional Services For You

House Cleaning Services

Looking for a cleaning service? Are you aware of the many house cleaning services available in Malaysia?

If you find it hard to keep your house clean while also dealing with everyday work and spending quality time with family, we suggest you hire professional services (house cleaners) to help with your cleaning needs.

Doing house chores be it washing the dishes, making the bed, vacuuming and mopping can be frustrating especially when you have to do it all yourself.

Therefore, continue reading as we’ll be listing out 10 best cleaning services in Malaysia you can consider hiring! 

Advantages of Getting House Cleaning Services 

These are many benefits you can get from hiring a house cleaning services, which are:

  1. Free-up Your Time

Getting help from a professional cleaning services offers you more quality time with your family and friends as you won’t have to spend much time on making your house look and smell good.

It is also undoubtedly helpful when you want the time all to yourself whether for working out, reading a book or gardening. 

Working people with a hectic schedule may find it difficult to keep their house clean which is just more reason they should hire a professional cleaner for the task.

After all, wouldn’t it be worth it to come home to a spic-and-span home after a long day at work? 

  1. Saves You Money 

You might think hiring a cleaning service is a luxury as you’re required to pay someone for the task that you can easily complete yourself. 

However, it can actually save you money! You won’t need to spend money on house cleaning supplies as they will all be provided by their agency.

In addition, whether you are working from home or at the office, a professional cleaner will help free up your time and you will not be burdened with housework.

Since you don’t have to clean up your work space whenever you want to do something, it will motivate you to be more productive and get the work done faster!

  1. Keeps You Healthy

Did you notice how easily space builds up dust? It seems to be everywhere right?

Dust, along with fungi, bacteria and other germs can be harbored in the bathrooms, and can be harmful to your health. It irritates and causes respiratory problems. 

However, the risk can be reduced by regular professional cleaning of your home. They will go a long way to ensure every corner of your house is dust free.

They are able to easily clean the area that you wouldn’t reach without professional help!

They are also familiar with the cleaning agents and techniques required to make your home squeaky clean.

Not only that, living in a messy environment can cause anxiety which will later affect physical and mental health. However, with the help of a cleaning professional, your mood can be alleviated. 

10 Best House Cleaners Service In Malaysia

If you want to leave it to the professional house cleaners, check out this list of agencies with the best house cleaning services to help you with your cleaning needs: 

  1. Aresix 

House Cleaning Service

The first cleaning agency that is highly recommended by many is Aresix! 

They offer many different kinds of services that are not limited to just cleaning your homes.

At reasonable charges, Aresix provides the best quality and cleanliness that meets customer’s expectations.

With a successful portfolio of successful clients, you can trust them for an excellent cleaning service. Their team is also experienced in many types of situations. 

Some of the services that offered by Aresix are:

Hire Aresix now!

  1. MJ Cleaning Solutions

Located in Jalan Jintan Manis, Kuala Lumpur, MJ Cleaning Solutions has been in the cleaning industry for more than 10 years. 

You can rely on MJ Cleaning Solutions for the best cleaning services. One of them is providing part-time maids for both residential and commercial customers.

Customers can also request for specialised cleaning services such as carpet cleaning, floor cleaning and others. 

From RM85, other types of services provided by them are basic home cleaning, basic office cleaning services, contractual projects, carpet cleaning services and floor cleaning. 

Their service covers the area of KL City Centre, Cheras, Ampang, Sg Long and Mahkota Cheras.

  1. Maideasy

Maideasy is a homegrown Malaysian brand and is one of the most recognised house cleaning services in Malaysia.

Customers can get three types of services ranging from Basic Housekeeping, Move-in Cleaning and Spring Clean. Each comes with its own packages. 

There are no deep-cleaning or disinfecting services offered for now but with basic housekeeping, the cleaners will thoroughly clean the living room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. 

The price for basic home cleaning starts from RM60 while move-in cleaning starts from RM260 and spring cleaning from RM300.

  1. Ace and Shine Cleaning Services

With a headquarters in Kuala Lumpur, Ace and Shine provides excellent cleaning services for both residential houses and commercial buildings, they are one of cleaning services agency around the Klang Valley area. 

With more than 15 years of experience in house cleaning services, no wonder all of their professional cleaners and part-time maids are well trained to tackle various tasks. 

One thing that is valued about them is that if customers are not satisfied with the quality of service, the cleaners will return to do touch-ups and ensure that you’re fully satisfied. 

On top of that, most of the cleaning products supplied by them are eco-friendly. 

In addition, specialising in residential and commercial cleaning, the types of services offered are move in/move out cleaning, post-renovation cleaning, part-time maids.

Customers can get  basic house cleaning services starting from RM90 and move in/move out or post-renovation cleaning from RM300.

  1. Kleencon House Cleaning Services

Kleencon Cleaning Services aims to provide the best quality and value for money as a cleaning service. 

They focus on cleaning services for customers in the Kuala Lumpur and Selangor area. 

They consist of a team of experienced professionals who specialise in house cleaning, carpet cleaning, window cleaning, and natural stone cleaning and sealing. 

They specialise in move-in cleaning and post-renovation cleaning.

However, customers can also get other cleaning services like swimming pool cleaning, move-in cleaning, post-renovation cleaning and others. 

Other types of services offered are move-in and post-renovation cleaning, carpet and sofa cleaning, swimming pool cleaning, external cleaning for signboards and buildings.

As for the pricing, their 3-hour cleaning package costs from RM 870 while a 6-hour cleaning package starts from 1,470. 

These packages come with cleaners, a supervisor, a scrubber, a specialised vacuum machine, chemical detergents, cleaning tools, ladders and transportation for the cleaners. 

House Cleaning Service

  1. Eco Technology Cleaning

Expect excellent punctuality and quality from this local house cleaning services company whenever you use their service.

This cleaning agency specialises in both residential and commercial with only the use of the latest technology to clean the premises.

Customers can also request for a mattress, carpet and sofa cleaning service and they will only when there is no speck of dust left!

If you have doubts about their quality of service, feel free to request for a free demo to determine if what they offer is up to par. 

Some other types of services provided are curtain cleaning, car seat cleaning, move in/move out cleaning and sanitisation and disinfection services.

  1. Le ‘Kas Services

Le ‘Kas Services was founded in 2005. 

Their house cleaning services specialise in all aspects of modern living and the working environment including residential homes, commercial buildings, warehouses, retail centres or offices. 

If you’re very particular with the cleaning supplies used, rest assured that they will offer the highest standards of hygiene management with the use of environmentally friendly detergents. 

In addition, their type of services consists of:

  • Commercial, industrial, retail and residential cleaning
  • carpet and tiles restoration
  • waste management 
  • professional car cleaning and polishing 
  • move-in/move-out services 
  • post-renovation cleaning. 

For residential or house cleaning services, the price range is from RM36 and above for the area of Sunway, Subang Jaya, USJ, Kelana Jaya, Shah Alam.

Meanwhile, the price range for corporate cleaning services around Peninsular Malaysia  is Rm1,600 and above. 

However, it is customised depending on the client’s requirements. 

House Cleaning Service

  1. Maclean Services

Maclean was established in 1979, making it one of the oldest house cleaning services in Malaysia. 

Their cleaning services range from spring cleaning and carpet cleaning to pest control services, stone care and restoration, and disinfection services. Yup, they have it all! 

Not only that, they also offer cleaning services that cater to retail, education, manufacturing, construction and corporate offices.

Maclean specialises in domestic spring cleaning, office cleaning services, and large-scale industrial cleaning. The types of services customers can get are:

  • Maintenance cleaning
  • Post-construction cleaning 
  • Spring cleaning 
  • Office cleaning and tea lady 
  • Carpet and upholstery cleaning
  • External facade cleaning 
  • Static dissipative services
  • Disinfecting services 
  • Cleanroom dust control services
  • Toiletry and hygiene services 
  • Landscaping services 
  • Pest control services
  • HACCP cleaning and sanitation and waste disposal

  1. Kilat Kilat

Kilat Kilat started out as a small team of housekeepers back in 2009. 

12 years later, they have successfully handled more than 3,000 clients ranging from residential to commercial businesses. 

Their excellent customer service and dedication to perfection keeps customers coming back. 

It’s no wonder that their quality is top-notch as all of their cleaners are required to go through housekeeping training before being sent out to work. 

Customers in Klang Valley can get not only house cleaning services but also post-renovation cleaning and office cleaning services at a starting price of RM60.

  1. DCS Maju

DCS Maju aims to take care of all of their customers’ needs and make sure that they’re fully satisfied with the type of services provided. 

To ensure the best quality of cleaning services, DCS Maju only takes in employees that have a minimum of 3 years experience in the cleaning sector. 

The types of services offered by them include: 

  • Commercial cleaning
  • residential cleaning
  • janitorial services
  • property maintenance
  • high-rise window cleaning
  • carpet cleaning services and general maintenance 

To conclude, there are many agencies in Malaysia that provide cleaning services.  

House Cleaning Service

For a start, we suggest you choose Aresix out of the suggestion in this article. Aside from the other reasons explained earlier on, Aresix also use service delivery model to help you:

  • Personalised Service

Your needs are our priority. Tell us your problems and we’ll deliver the service that solves them.

  • Bond & Communicate

We will assist you throughout the contract to understand your needs first-hand.

  • One Stop Shop

Our services are inclusive of cleaning and hygiene services with consistent quality.

  • Valued Team

In ensuring that you get the best services from us, we put a lot of effort in selecting the right people.

Let us offer you the best house cleaning services in Malaysia. house


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