Know These 5 Steps For Office Cleaning

office cleaning

This article will discuss about 5 steps for office cleaning and answer “how to find cleaning services near me” question in your mind.

Office Cleaning

office cleaning

An office is the place where you will do most of your professional work with the rest of your colleagues, and you would spend almost ⅓ of your day doing the job that you are paid for by the employer.

When you keep on staying at the same cubicle 5 days a week, there will be a time where you have realised that your workspace area is very messy and there are food crumbs on the floor and other things as well such as dust. That’s why commercial cleaning service plays important part.

You should be aware that cleanliness in the office also reflects the reputation of the company. Plus, Covid variants are going rampant nowadays. So, let’s know these 5 steps to maintain a clean office and how to find a cleaning service agency near me.

Wipe And Sanitize Your Space

The first thing that you need to do in order to get your office cleaning in order is to always take care of your own space before anything else. Remember, your space is a sacred place only reserved for you, so you must take care of it with respect.

That means, cleaning every nook and cranny of your desks, sanitizing the surface of the table, rearranging the documents as well as wiping your chairs to make sure that there’s no harmful bacteria.

Clean The Surfaces, Office Phones, Handles And Doorknobs

After you have finished taking care of your own office space, it is time to take care of other spaces that most of your workers would use for their daily activities at the office.

It is wise for you to take notice of things that almost all of the colleagues will use, which are office phones, handles, and doorknobs. We don’t want any areas being neglected, so you should take note of this part.

Vacuum And Mop The Floors

office cleaning

Which areas have the most amount of accumulated bacterias? It is the floor. The reason behind that is because we step on the office floors almost everyday. It is unavoidable that some of your colleagues may step on cat’s faeces on a rainy day.

Hence, you should first swipe or vacuum the floors so that no dust would appear when you want to mop it. Once the entire floor is vacuumed, you should begin to mop it to remove the unseen bacterias on the floor for well office cleaning.

Wipe The Light Switches, Fans, And Door Frames

After we talk about things that all workers use in their daily office activities, let’s move on to electrical equipment. We are talking about light switches and office fans.

These two are actually one of the things that people often forget to clean due to its height. When these areas are neglected, it will be the place where dusts will accumulate and then spread all over the room. Wipe it to remove the dusts.

After the dusts are removed, you can use cleaning soap on the fan blades and the lightbulbs to eliminate the bacterias as well as making it look shiny and clean.Also, do not forget to wipe the door frames as well.

Empty The Waste And Recycling Bins

As you may be aware of this, every single worker including you will eventually create waste. It may be waste created by cutting papers, eating light snacks in the office, or throwing unwanted documents.

Either way, it will result in making the recycling bin full of waste. So, do the right thing and empty the trash. However, make sure that there is no leakage as some coworkers may throw wet waste inside it.

If your office has preparation areas such as wet kitchens, meeting rooms and communal areas, these should be taken care of as well. Now that we got it all covered, let’s talk about how to find cleaning service near me.

How To Find Cleaning Service Near Me?

office cleaning

Despite the importance of keeping your office clean, one could not deny that the workers do think that it is not what they are paid for, and it is true. So, if you are a company owner, you should hire a cleaning service to clean the office regularly.

However, how to find cleaning service near me and how could you know which cleaning service Seri Kembangan will provide the most consistent, and detailed cleaning? Look no further, you can hire the professional service that you want by contact us or WhatsApp us for faster response.


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