Commercial Cleaning: What Are You Getting from This Service? 

commercial cleaning

Cleaning is necessary to make sure that the environment we live in is in the best condition. Did you know a clean working surrounding can increase efficiency of work?

Therefore, to help ensure your office stays tidy and mess-free, you might be interested in hiring a commercial cleaning service.

What is Commercial Cleaning and how does it differ from residential cleaning? 

And is it necessary to hire a commercial cleaning service?

To answer these questions, continue reading as we’ll tell you all you need to know!

What is Commercial Cleaning?

commercial cleaning

Commercial cleaning is a service that cleans up non-domestic mess. It can be from cleaning offices to cleaning up chemical waste.

This type of service is different from residential cleaning. 

Residential cleaning focuses on household cleaning, while commercial cleaning has its own specialized settings or conditions.

As an example, residential cleaning service cleans housing floors, bathrooms and even bedrooms. While Commercial cleaning service cleans offices, buildings and retails stores.

Commercial cleaning service can handle cleaning from machinery and blank spaces to chemicals and other industrial solvents that are not usually can be handled by residential cleaning service.

Other than that, for places that are hampered by disastrous events such as fire or flood, commercial cleaning services usually have the right industrial needs to clean up the damages.

For companies that just completed a renovation or construction and need a sort of service to handle the construction clean ups, commercial cleaning service is also up for that kind of job!

To help you understand better on how it differs from residential cleaning, check out the table below.

TaskCommercial CleaningResidential Cleaning
Picking up clutterNoYes
Sweeping and vacuumingYesYes
Polishing surfacesYesYes
Sanitizing kitchens and bathroomsYesYes
Cleaning industrial wasteYesNo
Use PPE/hazmat/respiratorsYesNo

Why Is it Necessary?

commercial cleaning

The method of cleaning materials of the office and small business are the same for homes.

They provide cleaning services including washing carpet, cleaning and sanitizing workstation and desktop as well as steam cleaning furniture.

Offices usually hire commercial cleaning to help minimize the disruption of the work environment to a workstation that has been on a renovation or before an office moving to a new premise.

Commercial cleaning also offers services such as deep cleaning of walls, high-touch surfaces, furniture and many more. 

They usually use suitable heavy-duty equipment and also involve specialist cleaning measures depending on the tasks and building usage. 

This is all to make sure all the tasks were done perfectly!

Commercial Cleaning Service

Some of the business professionals in Malaysia may have heard of Aresix Sdn. Bhd., a company that provides a vast variety of cleaning services with high responsiveness and reliability.

Founded in 2018, Aresix Sdn. Bhd. are leading the office cleaning service market with experience and top-notch qualities of services. 

With a reasonable price, Aresix can deliver a service with the highest standard of quality and cleanliness. It surely is the perfect company to fulfill your cleaning needs.

With the implementation of service delivery models that are conducive, it makes all the processes of service including pre and post service be done smoothly.

Aresix consists of team members of professionals that expertise in cleaning service, they also can assist the customer all along the way of service. 

As Aresix values bonds and communication, they will provide assistance from the start and will make it easier for the customer to personalize the service that they wanted to have. 

Aresix also takes services other than commercial service such as residential cleaning, upholstery cleaning, pool, floor, kitchen, disinfection and renovation cleaning.

In conclusion, when choosing a cleaning service to help your company, you have to be thorough about the services that are offered by the cleaning agency.

Out of all the services offered out there in Malaysia, we recommend you to choose Aresix. 

With a portfolio that consists of successful clients and customers, it surely shows that the service about to be given by them will be of top-notch quality.

Aresix covers various types of cleaning services including residential cleaning, pool cleaning, disinfection cleaning, commercial cleaning and upholstery cleaning.

Aside from that, Aresix also developed a service delivery model to help you:

  • Personalized Service

Your needs are our priority. Tell us your problems and we’ll deliver the service that solves them.

  • Bond & Communicate

We will assist you throughout the contract to understand your needs first-hand.

  • One Stop Shop

Our services are inclusive of cleaning and hygiene services with consistent quality.

  • Valued Team

In ensuring that you get the best services from us, we put a lot of effort in selecting the right people.


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