Top 9 Office Cleaning Services In Malaysia

office cleaning services

This article will talk about office cleaning services task before hiring an office cleaning service for your office.

First impression matters in all things — not just for ourselves as an individual but also in the organisation we are working in.

And what is the best way to impress your clients other than to invite them to your clean, pristine and sanitary office?

The condition of an office or business will help set the tone for the relationship that will follow with your clients. 

But having a clean office is not just to show off to clients, but there are plenty of other benefits that you can reap from.

This article will help you get a clean office by providing a list of the best cleaning services in Malaysia.

Why is a Clean Office Environment Important? 

office cleaning service

Before jumping into the list of office cleaning services in Malaysia, let’s look at why having a clean office is important.

A clean office can lead to an increase of productivity in your employees as they will feel more comfortable to work in a well-kept workspace. 

Also, it prevents employees from taking sick leave from an unsanitary working environment which will ultimately prevent loss of productivity. 

In other words, your business can maintain and increase your revenue simply by having a clean office. 

Keeping your office equipment clean and maintained should also be a priority to prevent breakages, fires and other damages. 

Broken equipment can only hinder efficiency and productivity which all businesses want to avoid. 

A more organized working environment will help greatly in reducing the stress of your employees.

Imagine if one of your employees spent too much time finding a single file that should be easy to find.

The time spent in searching for that file is a time lost that could contribute in building the success of your business.

Another important factor is customer satisfaction which has a strong correlation with a clean office.

Once a customer or client visits your business and sees how clean your office is, they will see how serious you are about image and ultimately about business.

Top Office Cleaning Services in Malaysia

office cleaning

If you think that hiring office cleaning services is a waste of money because why pay for something that you and your employees can do yourselves?

Well, you probably have not seen the works of some of these professional office cleaning services which can leave your mouth hanging! 

Let’s look at the top 10 cleaning services in Malaysia!

  1. Aresix

office cleaning

Aresix offers different kinds of services from homes to office cleaning services, furniture to floor, renovation cleaning to disinfection cleaning. 

Just communicate with them and they will deliver their best service — personalised and tailored to your needs!

They offer an office cleaning services at reasonable prices while providing the highest quality in their service! 

Why should you hire Aresix?


Your needs are Aresix’s main priority. Tell us your problems and we’ll deliver the service that solves them.


We will assist you throughout the contract to understand your needs first-hand .


Our services are inclusive of cleaning and hygiene services with consistent quality.

Hire Aresix now!

  1. Maclean

Having 30 years in the field, Maclean boasts of their hands-on and technical training provided by the company for their employees.

They are best for domestic spring cleaning, office cleaning services and industrial cleaning.

The quote and pricing will be given by the vendor after your consultation with them. 

  1. Ace & Shine

Ace & Shine offers quality domestic and commercial cleaning services such as dusting, wiping and sanitising.

Equipped with their excellent equipment, you can expect good quality from their service. 

Being in the business for 15 years, Ace & Shine also cares for the general welfare of their employees by providing them insurance and help obtaining proper working permits. 

  1. Kleencon

Kleencon offers a wide array of services for both residential and commercial cleaning that is charged by the hour. 

You do not have to worry as they guarantee you punctuality, high-detailed and good quality work. 

Pricing of the service is provided upon quote request.

  1. Maid A Call

If you think part-time maid service is limited to residential cleaning, you are wrong as Maid A Call also offers office cleaning services too.

At an affordable price, you can get reliable service from them, in the sense that they provide backup service cleaners in case the primaries are not available for service. 

Having their pricing generally lower than their competitors, they do not let it get in the way of the quality of their cleaning.

  1. Mamalove Cleaning

Mamalove Cleaning offers a well-rounded professional cleaning and housekeeping services for both residential and commercial buildings. 

They offer home and office cleaning, stain removal, carpet cleaning and extraction, furniture cleaning, glass and windows cleaning as well as disinfection.

  1. Cleanaholics

Apart from offering residential and commercial cleaning, Cleanaholics also offer nanny services.

They pride themselves on the customer’s easy access to book their cleaning services through their well-made app. 

Cleanaholics guarantees your satisfaction, and if you are not, you can easily get a re-service free of charge.

  1. Eco Technology Cleaning

When it comes to professionalism and quality service, you can leave it to Eco Technology Cleaning. 

They use the finest, non-toxic products and equipment to clean your office so you don’t have to worry about you or your employees getting any allergies after their cleaning. 

If you are unsure to hire them, you can get a free cleaning demo if you are a first time customer. 

  1. Maid 2 Maids Sdn Bhd

Being in the industry for over 10 years, Maid 2 Maids provides the best quality of cleaning services.

They are best for general tidying which includes floor sweeping, mopping, window cleaning and trash disposal.

They came prepared to check every corner and wipe down every cervix to get your office back to their glory. 

Get Your Office Cleaned with Aresix

If you are looking for a cleaning service with an affordable price that delivers the best of quality, get in touch with Aresix!

One of their strongest suits is bonding and communicating with their clients.

They will assist you throughout the contract to understand your needs first-hand and ensure the service is tailored to your needs.

In delivering the best service, they put a lot of effort in selecting the right people for their team.

They have 3000+ trained cleaners standby to provide a reliable cleaning service for you. 

The janitorial services they offer for commercial cleaning are available every hour of every day. 

In light of the recent pandemic, Aresix takes cleaning and sterilization seriously so you can rest assured.

How do you get a booking with them? Easy!

Just fill your details in the form on their website, wait for their call to discuss the price quote and wait for the cleaning team to come once you agree to proceed with the deal. 


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