Cleaning Service Agency: 7 Top Agencies

Cleaning service

Searching for a cleaning service agency here in Malaysia is quite a hassle for some people as they do not know the best agencies to help them with their needs.

Due to this, they will eventually decide not to invest in these types of services and instead clean their homes by themselves. 

This will take a lot of time and energy and may not produce the best results. In this article, we will suggest to you 7 top agencies that you should consider in Malaysia.

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Things to Consider When Choosing a Cleaning Service Agency

Before we get into the top 7 agencies, we will give you some tips to consider when choosing a cleaning service agency.

    1.    Choose A Professional Company

Nowadays, many people are offering their services but are not contracted to anyone. Instead, they run their own service, which may be cheaper than choosing a company.

While it may be attractive due to their cost, it is a risky move for you to hire them because if anything goes wrong, it will be hard for you to report or ask for a refund as they are not a company.

They may also be less experienced, which may bring problems when you hire them. Because of this, it is much better for you to hire professionals to clean your homes.

    2.    Ask Your Friends or Families

Another good tip for you when choosing an agency is by asking any of your friends, families, or your neighbours if they know any good reliable cleaning agencies.

By doing this, you will be able to compile a list of great companies that you can choose from. 

You will not have to worry about any scams as you know that your friends or families have already had a good experience with them.

Cleaning service agency

    3. Don’t Be Afraid To Inquire

When you ask for estimates or any other enquiries, do not be afraid of asking any questions that you want. This is so that you will not face any surprises with their services.

Many people make the mistake of not asking for the prices or terms and conditions, which can lead to prices that they did not expect.

By doing this, you can compare different companies as you know the exact prices of each agency.

Cleaning Service Agency: 7 Best Agencies

    1.    Aresix

Cleaning service agency

The first cleaning service agency that we suggest you choose is Aresix. They offer many different kinds of services that are not limited to just cleaning your homes.

They offer reasonable prices while providing the highest of quality and cleanliness to satisfy your needs while charging you a very affordable price.

They have had a successful portfolio of successful clients and customers so you do not have to worry as their team is experienced in all types of situations.

These are some of the services that Aresix offers:

  • Residential Cleaning – Homes, Apartment
  • Pool Cleaning – Swimming Pools
  • Disinfection Cleaning – Sanitization and Sterilization Services
  • Commercial Cleaning – Offices, Workspaces
  • Upholstery Cleaning – Leather or Upholstered Furniture

Get your cleaning service from Aresix here!

2.    Ultra Cleaning

Cleaning service

Another good company for you to consider is Ultra Cleaning which is based in Selangor. They specialise in cleaning exteriors of high-rise buildings such as windows and facades.

Their team is also able to clean the interiors and also offers housekeeping services if you are in need of one. 

Their team is also very fit for service as they require annual medical check-ups to make sure that they are suitable.

    3.    Maideasy

Cleaning service

If you are looking for someone to clean the interiors of your homes, Maideasy is a great choice for you. They specialise in basic home cleaning and are highly reliable.

Their services can be hired in the areas of Selangor, Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya and can be booked entirely through their mobile app to ease the process.

This cleaning service agency offer 3 services which are basic home cleaning, moving in/out, spring cleaning and offer very reasonable prices.

    4.    Ace & Shine Cleaning Services

The next cleaning service agency is a very reliable and experienced company who have been in the cleaning industry for over 15 years. Ace and Shine covers Cheras and Kajang and operates from 7am to 9pm.

Once you contact them, they will offer you a transparent estimate of pricing so you will not be surprised when the time comes to pay for their service.

Aside from home and office cleaning, they also offer other services such as a part-time helper to help you if you need someone to take care of your home or your children.

    5.    DCS Maju

The next cleaning service agency is a little different to our other suggestions as they offer a more modern method of cleaning as they use more machines and technology in their services.

This is perfect for large office spaces as their machines are designed to work well and efficiently in these types of areas. They also offer high-rise exterior and residential cleaning too.

    6.    Kilat Kilat

Kilat Kilat is also a good choice if you are looking for a cleaning service agency that offers residential and cleaning service agency for office. They have operated since 2009 which makes them very experienced.

Their team is also highly skilled as they have to undergo a 4-module professional housekeeping training to make sure that they understand what they have to do when they are hired.

Their prices are reasonable and very transparent.

    7.    Le ‘Kas Services

Another very experienced and established company here in Malaysia is Le ‘Kas Services who have operated for more than 15 years as cleaning service agency.

They offer all different types of services such as for commercial spaces and even warehouses which is handy for those who are in charge of a big company.

Moving service is also offered by providing more manpower to help you move your furniture into your new house.

In conclusion, there are a lot of great choices if you are looking for a cleaning service here in Malaysia.

We suggest you choose Aresix out of the suggestion in this article as your cleaning service agency. Aside from the other reasons explained earlier on, Aresix also use service delivery model to help you:

  • Personalised Service

Your needs are our priority. Tell us your problems and we’ll deliver the service that solves them.

  • Bond & Communicate

We will assist you throughout the contract to understand your needs first-hand.

  • One Stop Shop

Our services are inclusive of cleaning and hygiene services with consistent quality.

  • Valued Team

In ensuring that you get the best services from us, we put a lot of effort in selecting the right people.


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